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The 100% satisfaction guarantee

The 100% satisfaction guarantee

The 100% satisfaction guarantee

*With a tiny winy micro mini tweak.


We back our product with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Meaning you’d get full refund, so long you can give us one genuine reason, we will process the refund no questions asked. Because that would allow us to incrementally improve our product and make it more worthy for future customers like you.

There are few flaws that we know exists and is entirely due to the inherent limitation of the app where we designed these templates. We’ll lay out the limitations in laymen terms, so you can make an informed decision. So post-purchase you don’t look like a baby who’s been asked to eat broccoli. We are 99.99% certain we’ll win all your love like a cupid who just struck smackdab in the middle of your he❤rt.


We’ll process stress free refund, if your reason/s are not any of the following:

  • I don’t like what I purchased; any change of mind cannot be allowed. It’s a digital product, you aren’t wearing the product like clothes and then not liking how it feels when it wears over you. We sincerely hope you can understand that. That’s why we went for miles to provide ample mockups to give you a 100% actual representation of how the product would look after you download. That brings us to the second most important point.
  • The Pages and Google Doc files could be slightly different from Word in terms of gradient colors, or how deep the shadow feels. Cross platform compatibility with 100% technical accuracy is never possible. There could be very minor variations in Pages and Google Doc, too subtle to be noticed by untrained eyes, someone who isn’t from design discipline. But the mockups are 100% actual representation of the template files from MS Word.
  • If you’re sending your resume to job boards, instead of directly to email addresses. You must pay attention to Google Doc resumes, as they don’t allow character spacing. For example, “W O R K E X P E R I E N C E” there is no character spacing here, it is achieved with the space button on your keyboard. But this too looks the same “WORK EXPERIENCE”, but the effect is achieved with character spacing. If you copy these two all-cap texts into a notepad, you will see what’s happening underneath. It’s important because, the first one will be treated as a spelling mistake by the ATS. We understand, this might cause you to get upset, so we are informing you beforehand, before your purchase decision. We hereby, asking you to strip the character spacing effect from google doc, if you’re planning to send your job application to a job board. On Word and Pages however, everything is hunky dory!
  • The printed version resume doesn’t look good. Your screen has millions of luminous pixels while them papers is broke as a penny on the pixel department. Also, budget printers get pretty cranky, if you scream at them to print on the bleed area (borderless printing), they will simply flat out reject your request. To be fairly honest, the hiring decision happens on the screen, taking printed resumes at interviews is only a formality.
  • I can’t format my resume properly; my resume looks inconsistent. You need intermediate to medium level Word processor skills to manage those line height, or manage margins on the document.
  • Changing margins on the resume template will raise an absolute abomination. The entire document will now appear to be possessed and you might as well be ready to perform an exorcism. So, you’re fairly warned. You’ll have to spend long hours trying to untangle the mess that you’ve created as you dared the step into the wild ride of creativity.
  • Not using the minimum recommended version of Word Processor. If you’re trying to use these templates on applications other than what is mentioned as a prerequisite for the product usage, it simply won’t work. Using OpenOffice, or cloud version of Word aka Microsoft 365 or using Pages on iPhone will not work.
  • You bought an item by accident and our system record shows that the files have been downloaded. However, if the files haven’t been downloaded, we’re happy to issue refund.
  • You’re claiming the item has technical issue. But cannot or unwilling to give sufficient evidence into the faulty technicality.


If you believe you’re eligible for a refund. Please contact our support superheroes at and provide the following two information:

  • Explaining why you aren’t satisfied
  • Order #ID and email used to complete the order