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Expand your resume’s reach.

3 . 2 X   F a s t e r
Land into better interviews faster.

Blow your worries away like dandelion in the wind,
Because your resume will rise like scarf to the wind.

Land into better interviews faster.

Leave a lasting first impression every time.

This is the Do-It-Yourself job search kit,

That doesn’t just knock on doors – it blows them wide open.

I hope you know; employers are notoriously quick when it comes to scanning resumes,

In fact, they spend 6 seconds on average on a resume. (That’s less than the time it takes to microwave a burrito.)

Those 6 seconds are your lifeline, your resume really have to make those 6 seconds work for you.

You need to grab them by the jugular in this narrow space of time. 

So, you begin by crushing all their doubts within these precious 6 seconds.

And you crush them good, grind them into fine powder.

You use the prime resume real estate, the first 1/3rd of your resume to give them everything they need to make their hiring decision.

They are awestruck at this point, like a kid in a candy store,

But no so quick, they really want to know if you’re the real Willy Wonka,

They shake out of it and begin to investigate if you're really as good as you've just shown on the sneak-peek,

As they run through the rest of your resume and cover letter with a fine comb,

Failing to find a single speck of dust in your airtight job application,

They lie completely arrested in your attention,                           

And the gravity of your resume does the rest, completely pulling them into your orbit.

Suddenly 6 seconds turned 60!

And now they run to read your cover letter,

Because after all they’d love to hear what their candidate of choice has to say,

They’ve got no choice now but to meet with you. Along comes that interview call!

Our job is to blow wide open that interview door for you.

Power your job search with the most bleeding-edge job market skills ever put together,

Everything your career needs they're here,

Everything we have, we’ve poured into this product. We’ve compressed decades into days.

A combined 54 years of career coaching and resume writing skills are built into these eBooks,

To make your resume perform like Cameron movies at Box Office.

We’ve built this product to make your job search easy as blowing dandelion in the wind,

Interview calls coming in like you’re a hot ticket.

A benchmark resume requires bespoke craftsmanship

It’s clear you want their mouth to drop open,

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here…

You want to rank right at the top and toy with employer’s attention…

You certainly have your house in order,

Because you’ve already got your pretty hands into the magic hat that’ll lit up your resume like the lights in Tokyo.

Now do you hire us to do it or do you do it yourself?

That is the question!

If you are a great writer or orator by nature, you don’t need us at all to be honest!

Save your money to make the Christmas gifts bigger for the kids in your family. Our eBooks will gracefully guide you!

But be prepared to put aside 10 hours.

Because that’s how long it takes to make your CV and cover letter to shine like an opal.

Now, if you’re out of breath and time from the daily grind life gives you,

Also demand nothing less than the best your money can buy,

Squeezing every last dollar value your money can generate.

You’re home. We’re worth every dollar.

Now is the cue to hop over here and see a sample transformation.

We are storytellers above all else,

We zoom into your professional DNA to find out what makes Y-O-U.

We don’t run a resume mill, churning 500 resumes every week by sub-contracting production overseas.

Our in house professional resume writers can perform 7 – 10 branding services per week.

Also, if you’re someone who is hunky dory with average ambitions,

Because you’re happy with an ultra-minimal lifestyle and your yearly 60K pay-check,

You will fare just fine without our service.

However, we recommend our professional resume writing services to those who take their career seriously,

Who wants to be the megawatt juggernaut of their profession,

Who wants a pay with an extra 20K salary,

Who loves commanding a pack of wolves going for the kill,

Who wants to work it until making it to 6 digits, maybe even 7-digit salary

Let’s turn your resume into the Ace of Spade that you are

62-page eBook
A high-performance resume guide

This is the definitive resume writing guide, one that differentiates you as the candidate of choice, one that actually converts your resume into many interview calls. You'll learn how to articulate your values on paper – extract the exact professional DNA that makes Y-O-U. Let’s go grab your gold-plated resume.

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37-page eBook
Cover letter that excites employers

Ditch the boring mumbo jumbo and pick up axes straight from a writer's playbook. Play with the laws of attraction by using a 'hook' and other persuasive techniques. You'll learn how to write a story, because well, when someone tells a story, we tend to pause and listen. You listened to us so far, guess it worked...

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72-page eBook
A knockout interview

Imagine hearing these 10 words in the interview room, “Wow, you’re exactly who we’ve been looking for.” Learn what it takes to convert an interview into a job offer with much better pay and perks. We'll help you prepare for questions that strike out of nowhere, with all grounds covered, you’ll see the surprise coming from yesterday!

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30-page eBook
A resume summary that oozes ‘it’ factor

The top 1/3rd of your resume is the most valuable real estate. This essentially decides if the door to the interview room is blown wide open or stays shut. You’ll learn how to ignite interest spreading like wildfire and make it impossible for them to turn their eyes away from your resume.

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55-page eBook
Realise your full career potential

Unlock the keys to climbing up, one that connects your path with passion and purpose in life. You’ll learn how to turn a glass of water into a pond over time. How you can make your resume ready to appear fit for a new industry to assist in your career switch. And lastly how to have your hazmut suit on to navigate corporate radioactivity.

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36-page eBook
Make some firework with resume verbs

You will have hot access to 1300+ action verbs specially curated for your resume. In bonus, you’ll know how to get hiring managers hooked by writing laser focused bullet points, because guess what nearly 80% of our resume is in bullet points. You’ll learn how to write how to write a powerful bullet point that score like a checkmate using our proprietary AAA method.

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Resume design as clean as the forest wind.

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