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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. So, we will outline our data security policies here. We believe in utmost transparency, so you’re well and truly informed about how we use your personally identifiable information to operate our business and most importantly how we safeguard your information in our controlled environment.

Full control over your data

If you complete your purchase as a guest, we use your personal and financial data to the extent that is required to identify you to authenticate the transaction. If you have registered yourself to our website, you can opt to close your account at any time, at which point all your data will be removed from our server, except data which are associated to an order, and we are required to store it for compliance purpose.

Your data security

We use Shopify’s infrastructure, so rest assured, all the latest technological advances are implemented continuously to safeguard your private information. Our website uses industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption which protects the data transmission between you and our server. So, it’s pretty much as secured as the Federal Reserve of United States.

And all our systems use 2-factor authentication to prevent any unauthorized access.

Cookies and web experience

We use analytics software to provide a personalized web experience for our users and this applies to both registered users and non-registered users. This cookie is stored on your web browser and you can always delete our cookie from your browser at any time you wish from your browser’s privacy settings tab.

We have integrated features to enrich your experience at our site using APIs provided by the social media platforms, for example being able to send or share one of our pages with your Facebook friends right from our website. If you want to control what information about you is shared during those interactions, you have to review the privacy policy of the respective social media account you hold. As they have full control over the flow of data and type of data that is shared.


We’re prioritized our commitment to put in place a safe, secure and a smooth checkout experience for all our customers, as that is where personal data and financial data are shared. The below information will give you a complete understanding into how your financial information is processed.

Our payment partners

We use payment process that you know and trust. We have partnered with PayPal and Stripe to facilitate your financial transactions with CareerCanvas.Store and as a savvy e-commerce user, we hope you know, how ubiquitous PayPal and Stripe is today in leading the front as the preeminent choice for e-commerce vendors.

Our payment partners use robust payment security features to safeguard your financial information. PayPal and Stripe, who are PCI DSS compliant brings a whole host of other security features which gives them their trusted reputation.

Storing your financial data

We do not store or get to see your financial data like credit card details; it is completely processed by our fin-tech partners and are strictly kept in a controlling environment. We only retain your personal details but never process or retain your financial data. For compliance requirements and the integrity of the transaction, we are required to only keep a basic personal information, to the extent where we can identify you, the buyer behind the transaction.

We have to confirm your personal details before taking your order and are automatically shared with the payment processors. The transaction takes place in a highly secured payment page that comes with 128-bit encryption.

You might receive a separate payment notification directly from the payment processor (from your chosen payment method), confirming the validation of your purchase, which is separate from the order email which you will receive from CareerCanvas.Store