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WOW worthy cover letter

WOW worthy cover letter

If you want to show them, you’re the one,

Believe us, you need a cover letter.

Because after all, they’re still in the afterglow of your striking resume.

And they’d love to hear what their first-rate candidate has to say on the cover letter.

Now, if you submit a cover letter that tells a story,

You'll grab their attention faster than a toddler spots a cookie. 🍪

Because when you tell a story, people tend to pause and listen,

You'll linger longer in their thoughts, practically walk into their mind and live in their head rent free.

Our storytelling craft and wordsmith wizardry comes to life, when you turn to us to write for you.

All these movie superstars with their biography,

Do you really think they’re up like an owl at night to pen these words?

To breathe life into a paper?

Behind them lies a ghost-writer who captures their feelings,

That’s what we do with you,

Capture everything that can shine a light on this path you’re on,

The path that connects with your passion and purpose in life.

We focus on finding that authoritative voice by sharpening the tip of the spear,

By leveraging relevant data points from your career, we assess your USP (unique selling point),

Find your core values, your unique skillset.

And that precise micron measurement allows us to write a cover letter,

That speaks to your strength end to end.

Thus, you tower over the rest like Everest as the candidate of choice.

Want to be the one, they can’t wait to meet with?