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We sell templates as a service. Our work is merely to strengthen your candidacy by creating a better job application with a standout resume, our free resume-writing eBooks helps to that effect. You’re essentially buying a self-help tool to write a top-shelf resume on a professionally designed resume template. Our resume template designs are backed by extensive job market research and created by our senior graphics designers.

Our resume guides which are provided free of charge with every template purchase, was written by a senior copywriter in collaboration with a career expert. This merely reflects the collective experience and research of the team who put the content together and as such it’s only an expert opinion.

Nowhere on our site did we make any claim to give you a guaranteed job or a guaranteed interview every time you apply. The success solely depends on how well you put together your application and how fit you are for the position. Our core commitment is to provide you a roadmap which will reveal your best step forward. So, among a pool of candidates, you stand tall and strong! Giving your job application the best chance at reaching the interview stage, and that is all we merely do.


Career Canvas Pty Ltd cannot be held liable for any loss which may arise from your reliance on information provided on our website or from the usage of our service. Our website and all our contents are categorically provided without any implied or express warranty. We highly recommend you seek independent expert feedback, if you have questions about the suitability of our service to you.