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LinkedIn Bio Writing

LinkedIn Bio Writing

LinkedIn is where they come to get a measure of your true worth,

They want to measure your mettle, your manners, everything that makes you.

It is a personable space, not bound by the rigid order of a resume.

A resume is about what you did or able to do, but here its all about who you are.

Here so much is revealed between the lines into the person behind the resume.

It’s your virtual handshake with the professional world.

We capture your brand in a concise profile description,

One that will prove the nectar you have can supply a hive full of bees,

And manage any bees seemingly stuck in some blues.

Picture a manager training-mentoring employees, nurturing their motivation, if you
missed that bee-utiful methaphor.

If you want your LinkedIn profile to attract attention like a Taylor Swift concert,

A little investment in your personal brand will go a long way.

We’ll make your LinkedIn genuinely luminous,

As genuine as a sunrise, can’t miss when it shines that bright.