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Refund Policy

Refund Policy


A little truth time now.

Unlike any physical product, ours is entirely digital.

If ours was however a physical product, we’d have given it a generous 100-day return policy.

Because backing our well-built product with an equally well sound guarantee, would have been the natural next step.

Nonetheless, our current refund policy takes away all your pre-sales worries and blows it in the air like dandelion in the wind.

I know, your inner nervous Nancy led you here.

Take a breather before you hit the buy button,

Or while at it step into a spa, because that’s how easy we want your purchase decision to be,

Melting all your pre-purchase stress away.


Entitlement to full refund

Sit tight, we've got you covered like a panda in a bamboo forest. It’s a no brainer under the following situations, we’re legally required to provide full refund, if our support superhero fails to fight your problems away. Good news is, our products, they've been through more testing than a NASA rocket launch. Meticulous craftmanship meets the highest standard of design in all our products for fluid usability. At this point the only surprise you’ll get is how blown away your mind is going to be. Like completely kaput, if you ask us.

  • If our product pulls a fast one and does not match with what’s been promised to you – that's misrepresentation, and we’d never walk that line. In fact, the only fast one we'll pull is pulling a fast one on your heart, to bring it closer to ours like 2 birds in a nest. You expected Mac Pages files as per description, but all you got was MS Word and Google Docs. That's not cool, not at all. That's a fast one in our book, and we hate 'em.
  • The mockup or representational images didn’t match the goods you got – it’s like the pictures we showed you looked like a tropical beach vacation but what you’ve been given is a bathtub in a rundown roadside motel. If we promised a beach vacation, we’d be sure to bring a squad of mermaids to your holiday to blow your expectation quite literally out of the water.

Look, what you see is what you'll get. If we try to pull a fast one on you, you'll end up unhappy and drop that much deserving 1-star bomb. And that's a death sentence for any business. We believe in the cosmic balance, if one builds a great product that can add value to customers, customers will give the fair share of love back. The world works in Newtonian rule, we scratch your back, you scratch ours. Wait, I think I might have got that wrong. It’s something like every high-five or a 5-star review has an equally epic celebration. Wait, that's wrong too, I think I'll stop now.