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A LinkedIn in the likeness of you.

If you want your LinkedIn profile to attract attention like moths to light,
A little investment in your personal brand will go a long way.
In a forest overrun by pine trees, you clearly want to be a tree with plenty of low hanging fruits,
Ready to serve a handful to recruiters.

Look, I see that you like me.
I like you too. xoxo
Now, can we shake up that fruity tree please?
And make some ripe mangoes fall on your LinkedIn?
Metaphorical mangoes by the way. (Full of red hot connections and opportunities)

Okay look, to be honest, while I might be a background guy,
But in the overall-ness of things, I'm just as important,
Because hey, what good is a movie without background characters?
Or a park without plants and trees, birds and bees?
Let's shake up that tree of possibilities, shall we?

Let's turn that tired background into something exciting, like a forest full of firefly at night,
Here's to profiles that pop and connections that rock.

File deliverables for download

  • - 11 ready to use blank JPEG for Canva use
  • - 1 PSD raw file containing 11 file folders
  • - 11 preview files provided for navigation
  • - Links to font provided on the package
  • - 100 curated quotes to choose from

Full features

  • - Well grouped layers with clear names
  • - Change full colors
  • - Add or remove name or taglines
  • - Links to font provided on the package
  • - Change font if desired

Do I get a magic wand with it?

No, you get something better! Read on as we reveal.

  • - 11 completely unique designs
  • - Covers a vast range of professions
  • - Uses open-source free to use fonts
  • - Canva ready files included (Just add name/tagline)

US ready Letter

A4 ready

Software requirement

Any one of this below software will be sufficient to modify the digital assets! But we recommend using Photoshop. Please read “full disclosure” below, so your expectation is placed right.

  • - Canva
  • - Any photo editing application
  • - Photoshop 2016 or higher
Office 2016 Mac pages V10.3.9

Honest disclosure

As aforementioned, utmost transparency is very important to us, so informing our clients clearly and completely, before they commit to buy, is something absolutely central to the core of our business. The Canva files gives you very little control, you only can add names, titles or do just about anything that Canva app generally allows. But if you have beginner level experience with Photoshop, you will be able to do much more with the graphic asset files! On PSD, the layers are rasterized to save space but it gives you complete control on shadow layers, color tool and much more!

Our values

We believe you, and every client should be able to make an informed decision. Before buying anything in our store, you are always fully informed of what you are getting, so there is no unexpected surprise, as they always ruin one’s day, (we wouldn’t like it either, if it happened to us). That’s why all our product comes with a honest disclosure to give you an honest expectation of what you will experience with the product after the download. And if you’re not happy with the honest disclosure description that tells in vivid details, what you’ll be experiencing after the download, we’re sad to see you go but at least we did right by universe, being you, our customers.

  • We believe in utmost transparency, so you can see your expectation clear as day with no nasty surprise. Unfortunately, due to price point of this product, it is impossible for us to add any supplementary service.
    It’s a DIY “do it yourself” product. But should the file not work, or if there is any technical issue with the download, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions. If you want complex customizations to the digital asset, we charge a small fee of $30 and you can order them here.
  • You can do a lot with these banner templates, if you have even starter level skills on Photoshop, you will be able to do plenty of complex modifications to the templates. But if you’re using Canva you will be limited by the features of the app.
    Please note, Canva is not a professional application, it was never designed to be. It was meant for average daily users who needed quick customization ‘on to go’ to get their graphics need met.
  • What you see is what you get! No pressure selling, no boiler room sales tactic. We recommend you just feel your way through the LinkedIn Banners to see if it reflects your persona.
    We have covered this topic in more details in our Refund Policy page. Due to the digital nature of the product, refunds are not possible. However, let us give you complete peace of mind by categorically stating the following: if you receive a product that is not as per description, or faulty, you will receive a full refund. Please refer to our Honest Disclosure page for more information.
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