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Your Brilliant Resume

Do you know why your resume’s failing to make an impression?

Sending your resume to 20 firms but you’d feel lucky if 3 of them calls back! Your luck looks like a puddle of water under searing sun, never had a chance.

A bloody coin flip has a better chance than your ailing resume.

Now, how do turn your ailing resume into an airy one? One that rise to the surface of greatness and towers over the rest like Everest, impossible to escape notice…

Able to satisfy HR Managers,

And have him/her begging for more.

To the point they can’t wait to meet with you.

Starting to sound like a seduction technique doesn’t it?

We promise you, that’s exactly what you’re doing in a job search.

Job search is professional match making!

You’re swiping right by sending your job application,

HR Managers swiping right by calling you into an interview, (Because well they’ve a crush over your resume and cover letter the size of a full moon)

And if your charisma, your confidence leaves a lasting afterglow in the first date,

Consider that job with 15K plus play with your name on it. Millions in stock pay options, if you’re a Fortune 500 C-Suite.

We aren’t claiming to be the first and only course that shows you exactly how,

But we’re the first one to bring the price level down to McDonald’s takeaway.

In any price class, we’ll win and then some for you.

The slickest techniques cut with the simplest truth to give your job search a leg up,

More like a stallion galloping for the finish line, if you ask me.

I think your mind is trying to catch up with a decision your heart has already made.

Look, it’s a good thing to get your guard up,

Your inner Pausey Pete shows up every time someone promises something too good to be true,

To put in perspective, someone’s offering $1499 iPhone for $14.99,

Of course, your guard will be up like a fortress,

Because your mama told you, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is son. Steer well clear.”

But your mom gave you another sage advice, “Trust your guts and your good sense”.

You know there’s money back guarantee, right?

Now, why is our price this low you ask? You’ll find those reasons a few scroll below.

Also, it’s not just an ultra-clean resume template you’re getting!

You’ll be acquiring cutting-edge job market skills which are built right into these eBooks,

What we have mastered in decades, you will master in a day or less!

Everything we have, we’ve poured into this product. A combined 54 years of career coaching and resume writing skills are built into these eBooks.

This product was built to make your job search easy as a blow of kiss and make employers fall head over heels over you,

Once it’s in the hands of HR Managers, the gravity of your resume will pull them into your orbit,

Our minds are tingling with excitement to share with you the next bit.

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The price explodes into smithereens! Suddenly what you’re meant to pay turn into pennies in comparison.

For the sake of surprise, we’ll keep mum about it. But a hint: the saving is sizeable, way more than 25%!

Now is it starting to sound like too good to be true coming true for once in your life?


You’ve got your hands full now!

Look I really like you, so here’s the entire career cards on deck,

To turn your job market visibility into the Ace of Spade that you are,

A resume that outshines your rivals to light up your career path.

PS, I see right through you, because like you I too run right to the end to pick up the lost Atlantis. 

I suppose you’re in hunting season for some serious bargain,

The size of Boxing day Walmart Frenzy

Otherwise you wouldn’t have came down scrolling this far down into the abyss.


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