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Stand out with an outstanding resume

Leave a lasting first impression with a high performance resume. Differentiate or die as they say! Gain unfair advantage with cutting-edge job-market skills to secure your job search success. You’ll be grabbing employers by the eyeball guaranteed! 

Everything your career needs they're here. Power your job search with one of a kind career building tools built for job seekers. Everything we have, we’ve poured into this product. A combined 78 years of career coaching and resume writing skills is built into these books. So don't complain if your mobile phone gets flooded with employers wanting to sit down with you. 

Your resume can’t afford to be average because an average resume gets only 6 seconds worth of their attention! But you’re not average, our premium template puts you on a league of your own, here the laws of attraction apply to you.

With our gold-plated resume guide we’re going to get you ready to shine like an opal in those 6 seconds, suddenly 6 seconds turns to 60! Interview calls powering through the network towers to bring in the good news!

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Bonus Bundle (Free forever)

  • - Interview prep kit
  • - Job application tracker
  • - 100+ Icon library
  • - Print my resume
  • - Quick resume checklist
  • - 100 Professional quotes
  • - Photo frames
  • - Beginners video tutorial

This $10 becomes your lifetime investment

You’re paying in peanuts to get a premium resume template. Plus, plenty of eBooks to put your career on cruising altitude. Ohh, did we mention those 11 premium LinkedIn Banners? Coming at you for free too!

Run away with $11 to buy 11 Linkedin banners for free.
linkedin banner linkedin banner linkedin banner linkedin banner linkedin banner

Best Features

  • - ATS friendly design
  • - A lifetime license
  • - A4 & US Letter ready
  • - Pixel perfect formatting
  • - Free fonts
  • - 1-page & 2-page resume template
  • - Cover letter template
  • - Reference template
  • - DYI Instruction booklet
  • - 8/7 Customer support
  • - DYI Instruction booklet
  • - 8/7 Customer support

US ready Letter

A4 ready

You will need

  • - Office 2016 or higher (desktop edition)
  • - Mac pages V10.3.9 or higher (desktop edition)
  • - Google Doc
Office 2016 Mac pages V10.3.9 Google Doc

Microsoft 365 won't work

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Completely Customizable

It is designed with a granny in mind, whose best computer skills is typing 5 words a minute! So long you can type fast and furious at five WPM, you'll be fine like a wine on a Sunday! You'll have complete control over how you want things to look! Though, our template is too terrific to require a design change, but sure, feel free to fire your inner Picasso and come up with something spectacular!

  • - Change color or font style
  • - Change dummy texts
  • - Add or remove section
  • - Add or remove icons
  • - Add pages
  • - Change layout if needed
  • - Add or remove photo
  • - Add or remove background color

Diferentiate or die in this cut-throat job market.

Our premium job search tools will be wowing eyes and winning hearts everywhere. But being dandy isn't enough, you have to be handy too.

What do I get?

  • - A single page and multiple page resume template
  • - A matching cover letter template
  • - A matching reference template
  • - Formatted to perfection in US Letter & A4 Size
  • - A cookie (a digital cookie for your famished browser)
  • - 8 .docx template files
  • - 8 .pages template files
  • - 8 GoogleDoc files
  • - Plus, plenty of premium extras (A total of 11 premium Linkedin banners for a super limited time, see above)

Requirements to ready your resume

  • - A cup of coffee or a glass of wine
  • - 30 minutes on your hand, add 30 minutes extra if you're a grumpy granny! Because when we're sulking, silly things stretch longer. This assumes you have done the hard part, writing your eagle focus resume.

Honest disclosure

There could be slight, very minor color changes on Mac pages or Google Doc, but the overall design will stay the same. Cross platform compatibility with 100% technical design accuracy is never possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please pause the purchase, let us provide every answers to your concerns, and if you find them satisfactory, only then we’d deserve your hard earned dollars.

Our values

We believe you, and every client should be able to make an informed decision. Before buying anything in our store, you are always fully informed of what you are getting, so there is no unexpected surprise, as they always ruin one’s day, (we wouldn’t like it either, if it happened to us). That’s why all our product comes with a honest disclosure to give you an honest expectation of what you will experience with the product after the download. And if you’re not happy with the honest disclosure description that tells in vivid details, what you’ll be experiencing after the download, we’re sad to see you go but at least we did right by universe, being you, our customers.

  • We believe in utmost transparency, so you can see your expectation clear as day with no nasty surprise. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work, it is impossible for us to add any supplementary service. It’s a DIY “do it yourself” service. But should the file not work, or if there is any technical issue with the download, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions. If you want a Resume Fill In Service, we charge a small fee of $40 and you can order them here.
  • It will take about 30 minutes if you are an average word user, but fret not, even if you are fresh out of the womb, you will fare just fine. Your purchase provides an access to a video tutorial, giving you a step-by-step guide on how to edit your template and easily copy your current career data over to the resume template.
  • What you see is what you get! No pressure selling, no boiler room sales tactic. We recommend you just feel your way through the resume template design to see if it reflects your persona. We have covered this topic in more details in our Refund Policy page. Due to the digital nature of the product, refunds are not possible. However, let us give you complete peace of mind by categorically stating the following: if you receive a product that is not as per description, you will receive a full refund. Please refer to our Honest Disclosure page for more information.
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